Acid on sphere - strange things

Vetrix appears as a young boy with blond hair, which some of it is braided resting over his right shoulder. He is outfitted in light greenish clothing and seems to be as tall as Hart Tenjo . He carries his Deck in a Deck box which is attached to the left side of his belt. He also wears a metallic crowned mask that reveals parts of his face.

A number of spells and magic items utilize extradimensional spaces, such as rope trick , a bag of holding , a handy haversack , and a portable hole . These spells and magic items create a tiny pocket space that does not exist in any dimension. Such items do not function, however, inside another extradimensional space. If placed inside such a space, they cease to function until removed from the extradimensional space. For example, if a bag of holding is brought into a rope trick , the contents of the bag of holding become inaccessible until the bag of holding is taken outside the rope trick . The only exception to this is when a bag of holding and a portable hole interact, forming a rift to the Astral Plane, as noted in their descriptions.

Acid On Sphere - Strange ThingsAcid On Sphere - Strange ThingsAcid On Sphere - Strange ThingsAcid On Sphere - Strange Things