Amaseffer - exodus slaves for life

AMASEFFER shot videos for two songs off "Exodus - Slaves for Life" : "Slaves For Life" and "The Burning Bush" . Both videos were helmed by Israeli director Tal Engelstein (founder and singer of heavy rock band 195DB )."

I hesitate to pronounce this better than Orphaned Land ’s Mabool masterpiece, but there are definitely moments that come close, and considering this is the first of three it seems petty to focus on its faults when it’s such an easy album to like. Whether you’ll end up loving it is another question, but fans of Mabool and Middle Eastern-tinged Prog Metal will certainly get a lot from Slaves For Life .

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Amaseffer - Exodus Slaves For LifeAmaseffer - Exodus Slaves For LifeAmaseffer - Exodus Slaves For Life